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Safety at Work

Personal protective equipment - Safety first!

Working gloves and protective gloves

• Chemical protective suits
• Disposable gloves
• Mechanical gloves
• Driving gloves
• Winter gloves
• Cotton PU coated gloves
• Cotton knitted gloves
• Kevlar gloves
• Electrician safety gloves up to 17000V
• Leather gloves
• Officer gloves
• Chemical resistant gloves
• Nitrile gloves
• Protection gloves for razor wire


Safety working shoes and boots

•Safety working shoes S1-S5
•Safety working boots S1-S5
•PVC-boots (Rubber-boots)
•PVC-safety boots S1-S5 (Rubber-safety-boots)
•Electrician safety boots up to 20.000V


Fall protection: Fall arrester and body harness

•Full body harness
•Fall arrest kits acc. to EN363
•Fastener equipment
•Fall arresters
•Descender and rescue systems


Eyes and ear protection

•Ear defender
•Protection silicone ear plugs
•Safety spectacles
•Wide vision safety googles
•Electrician face shields
•Face shield clear with forehead protection


Jackets, trousers, Overalls and disposable clothing

•Parka, work jackets and trousers
•Overalls with reflective stripes
•Thermo / Function underwear
•Disposable clothing / disposable overalls


Respiratory protection

•Full face mask
•Half mask
•Filter equipment
•Particulate dust mask FFP1 / FFP2 / FFP3
•Dust mask


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