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Maintenance products

Reliable quality for your maintenance & repair jobs

Our extensive range of REBCON products as well as the entire range of manufacturers like BELZONA, WEICON, WENCON and HYLOMAR guarantees a high performance and a consistently good run of your machines and aggregates.

Gasket makers & adhesives

•Contact- & instant adhesives
•Join connection bondings
•Bolt adhesives
•Two-component epoxy adhesives
•Exhaus repair putty
•Gasket makers
•Pipe- & thread sealings
•Polyurethane foam

Technical aerosols

•Rebcon® Performance 7in1, penetrating oil
•Rebcon® RAPID lubrication & assembly spray
•Rebcon® Protection anti-corrosion spray
•Rebcon® Brake- and metal cleaner
•Rebcon® Welding & cutting anti-splatter spray
•Rebcon® PTFE/Teflon spray
•Rebcon® V-belt maintenance
•Rebcon® Glue- and gasket remover
•Rebcon® Electronic cleaner 
•Rebcon® Contact spray
•Rebcon® Graphite base lubricant
•Rebcon® Anti seize ceramic spray
•Rebcon® Bore & cutting oil
•Rebcon® Compressed air spray
•Rebcon® Silicone spray
•Rebcon® Stainless steel cleaner & care

Detection paste

Gasoline & oil finding paste

• Pontus® gasoline & oil finding paste

Water finding paste

• Pontus® water finding paste

Multi-purpose-, special greases & oils

•Rebcon® MoS2 lubrication & assembly paste
•Rebcon® Metal-free assembly paste
•Rebcon® Anti seize ceramic paste
•Wire rope grease, graphited
•Rebcon® Graphite base lubricant
•EP2 (NLGI 2) multipurpose grease
•SKF bearing grease
•Rebcon® Multi-purpose grease
•Application equipment

Rebcon® Metal Bond - plastic steel

Our plastic steel epoxy putty stick for quick repairs on two-component basis for aluminium, steel and other metals. ASBESTOS-FREE. Applicable like putty. Fills holes, marks, scratches and cracks in tanks, barrels, pipes, etc. Can quickly be formed and moulded easily. Is suitable for drilling, threading, sandblasting, sawing and can bei over-painted.
It adheres to most surfaces like, metal, wood, plastic, conrete and ceramics, also at moist ground. Rebcon® plastic steel epoxy stick can also be used under water.
Hand consistency is achieved within 20 min., final curing after 3h. MADE IN GERMANY


Furthermore, we serve you with the entire range of repair & maintenance products of market leading manufacturers


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