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Professional gaskets for marine and industrial applications

Flange- & pipe gaskets

All kind of flange- & pipe gaskets can be customised to your specific requirements, with PTFE-Y envelope or PTFE-U envelope as well as metallic innen border and/or outer border.
We are stockist of gasket material established and premium quality manufacturers.

High-quality materials

Elastomers / rubber / fibres / kevlar / graphite & graphite laminated / metals / thermoplastics / synthetic materials / PTFE


Manhole gaskets for shipping- and ship building industry

Manhole gaskets according to DIN and China standard are in stock!

Furthermore: any dimensions, type of construction or material can be adapted to your specific requirements.

Spiral wound gaskets & rotary shaft seals

Rotary shaft seals

We guarantee the right rotating shaft sealing with different kind of constuctions (lip-seals, V-rings, alpha type etc.) and premium body materials (PTFE, Viton, NBR etc.).



Spiral wound gaskets

We offer the entire range of spiral wound gaskets.
Whatever your requirements are: body material (graphite, PTFE etc.), type of construction or dimensions, we will find the right solution tailored to your application area.



Insulation material

Insulation mats with customised dimensions, suitable to your application area and requirements.

Removable insulation material guarantees you a most flexible solution.

Insulation mats, tailored for your application area and requirements, will increased the effectiveness of your machines. Injuries can be prevented as a touch protection as well as a protection against fire.

Temperature resistance up to 1000°C

Product characteristics according to your requirements:
dirt- & dust-repellent, water-resistant, oil-resistant, acid-resistant, vapour barrier



Professional pipe insulation

Heat insulation pipe material: ROCKWOOL, ISOVER & PAROC

Freon (cold) insulation pipe material: ARMAFLEX, KAIFLEX



Electrical insulation matting

Rebcon® electrical insulating rubber mat 30KV

Rebcon® electrical insulating rubber mat 50KV

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