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Sight glasses from Auer Lighting resist the most extreme influences and always provide decisive insights. Auer Lighting
manufactures the MAXOS® safety sight glasses from the unique SUPRAX® 8488 borosilicate glass, which is well known for its chemical resistance – especially against alkali and acid. The purity and chemical composition also enables superior thermal prestressing.

Automated production guarantees extremely tight tolerances. All standard dimensions are available on short notice. Looking for special dimensions? Upon customer request, we also realize this very flexibly with our computer-controlled processing systems.

It’s all about the inner values

Our safety sight glasses are ideal as level indicators and for visual control of flows in pipes and containers. The extreme resistance of the glasses to temperatures and pressure loads guarantees fast and reliable monitoring of individual devices and systems.

MAXOS® safety sight glasses are manufactured in line with national and international standards and regulations. The MAXOS® range comprises a complete offer of thermally prestressed (tempered) safety sight discs and longform level gauge glasses in dimensions and thicknesses for the various pressure and temperature ranges. MAXOS® safety sight and level gauge glasses are used at process pressures up to 400 bar, temperatures up to 300 °C and media with pH values from 2–13.

MAXOS® level gauge glasses

When to use which type of glass?

MAXOS® disc sight glasses

Customized sight glasses

Our range of SUPRAX® and aluminosilicate sight glasses covers all known standard dimensions and specification requirements. Do you need individual sizes? We will be happy realize this for you – even for small quantities. We offer you the right glass type and dimensions for your specific requirements and advise you purposefully even in the event of extraordinary challenges. Fast implementation and high customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
Our technical experts will be happy to help you if you have any questions about applications at extreme pressures and temperatures as well as unusual media.

Quality certificates

Quality and safety are our top priorities. In order to prove this, we can at any time provide corresponding test certificates for our MAXOS® safety sight glasses upon customer request. We prove the conformity according to various industrial standards with test reports 2.2 and inspection certificates 3.1 as per EN 10204. In addition, we can provide our worldwide customers with certificates of food safety, compliance with FDA standards and IHK certificates of origin or individual manufacturer declarations.

Storage and handling

Our safety sight glasses are manufactured and tested with a high level of precision and care. Until installation in a fitting, we recommend that the glass be kept in its original packaging. Contact with sharp-edged and rigid materials should be avoided, as should movement of the glass on work bench or other work space. Under certain circumstances, this can lead to damage in the form of scratches. When installing in the sight glass fitting, chips and damage to the chamfers of the sight glass need to be avoided as this can significantly reduce the pressure load.

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