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Grinding, cutting & derusting

Cutting- & grinding discs

The wide range of cutting- & grinding discs ensures the right choice of product for cutting & grinding all kind of materials. For instance steel, INOX (stainless steel), aluminium and many, many more... Comfortable handling, high efficiency, combined with an extreme stability gurantees a success of your project.

Flap discs

Flap discs offers the user, compared to grinding discs, positive benefits where beside of a top grinding performance a high level surface quality is required.

Grinding - abrasive wheels

High speed steel (HSS) rotary bars

Pink corundum mounted wheels

Steel wire brushes

We offer the entire range in premium quality of cutting discs, grinding discs, flap discs, fiber discs with velcro and without, sanding paper and sanding paper rolls.

Customised production of abrasive belts with your dimensions
= our service!

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