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DEB/Stoko Swarfega – skin cleaning & protection

All Occupational Skin Care Needs IN ONE RANGE

The SC Johnson Professional ™ skin protection program, developed on the basis of established skin protection series from Deb and STOKO®, offers tailor-made solutions for every job. SC Johnson Professional ™ is the most comprehensive range of high quality products covering the whole spectrum of skin care needs, spanning industrial, commercial, food and healthcare environments. The range has been carefully devised to respect both regional requirements and personal preferences.

It offers protection against a wide variety of threats while providing specialised cleansing options for any light through to heavy requirement; hand disinfection with advanced Deb Foam Technology; as well as restoration with world renowned skin care creams.



Hand Hygiene

A range of antimicrobial hand cleansers and hand disinfectants to provide a high level of hand hygiene in hygiene sensitive environments, such as food industry and healthcare, or in environments where a higher level is preferred. Hand hygiene is the most important measure to protect from infection and prevent cross-contamination.

SC Johnson Professional™ Support

SC Johnson Professional™ Support

For any organisation, the implementation of skin protection that are collectively
followed and universally understood is an ongoing challenge. Therefore, to help with this process, we have created a unique education and audit support programme available to all customers of the SC Johnson Professional™ Range.

Ongoing Site Education & Awareness

To help improve and maintain skin care standards, we provide a number of communication tools to support ongoing education and awareness.

Pre & Post Installation Audits

Our team of experts conduct pre and post installation audits to ensure the products and dispensing systems are selected and installed, providing complete customer satisfaction

Annual Audits

Our team of experts are also able to conduct annual audits to provide a maintenance check of the installed dispensers, review the products in use and introduce any new products and education that can provide additional benefits for the customer

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