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Your specialist for hoisting and lifting equipment
DELTA Hoisting equipment is a Dutch manufacturer of DELTA hoisting and lifting products. The history of DELTA can be traced back to 1960. Starting from a little family workshop, DELTA has evolved itself into a specialist and well-known brand in the field of hoisting and lifting equipment.
At our state of the art warehouse in Zaandam, Netherlands, we are capable of stocking up to 5000 pallets with an extensive range of certified DELTA hoisting, lifting, rigging, load handling and securing equipment. These are distributed by specialized, selected dealers throughout the world, who supply several industries from construction, shipping, transportation, defence, theatre, on-offshore and many more.

Safety, quality and professionalism are the three key words in our approach. Safety is one of the main concerns in the world where accidents could be easily encountered. Hoisting and lifting jobs are no stranger to risks. In our opinion, safety can only be guaranteed by quality as well as professionalism. Our expertise and our long-acquired experience have helped us to become one of the most professional parties in this field of work.

With DELTA you can rest assured of obtaining the best value for your money, without quality being compromised. With our efficient and well-controlled process, we safeguard continuity in our product quality according to European laws and standards.

In addition, DELTA is known for offering fast solutions with a solid quality at a competitive price. This made us one of the most important and stable suppliers in the market. By constantly maintaining and monitoring our inventory levels, DELTA provides its extensive worldwide distribution network with substantial stock levels at all times. This guarantees one of the fastest delivery times among our peers and together with our dealers we can provide professional after sales support.

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