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Anti Splashing Tapes

The anti splashing tape (no spray tape) is mainly used in the maritime industry. The tape consists
out of complex, fabric reinforced and tearproofed aluminium. This high-tech protection tape was designed
by specialists in order to prevent spray from hot liquids which can come in contact with materials inside
process-plants thus causing damages to equipment and operators.


The tape has a storage & service life of minimum 3 years by correct storage & handling.
Pressure range: 35bar (minimum
Temperature range: +200°C (minimum)

Following dimensions are available:
35 / 50 / 75 / 100 / 140 / 250 / 500 / 1000mm


Length of roll = 10m


International certification:

GL (Germanischer Lloyd)
U.S. Coast Guard
Lloyd’s Register
KR (Korean Register)

Pipe marking tapes

Marking pipes on ships and offshore sites is of the utmost importance to insure safety at all times. Accidents, injuries and damage to machines and equipment can be caused by people´s ignorance of the substances that flow through pipes.

ISO 14726 Standard, specifies the principle colours for the identification of substances in pipes. ISO (DIS) 14726-2 specifies additional colour codes that allow a more detailed indentification of the substances.

We can produce any type of pipe marking or any kind of special marking tape of valves, pipes, cabinets etc.

Whatever your requirements are, we will be happy to provide consulting and will, in close cooperation with
you, develop a solution that is ideally tailored to your particular requirements.

Pipe marking tape brochure

Rebcon® Pipe repair tape incl. epoxy putty stick (water activated tape)

• Rebcon® Plastic steel epoxy stick 30g
• Water activated tape (fiberglass cloth coated with a special polyurethane resin)

Rebcon® Pipe repair tape is ideal for bonding most common plastic or metallic materials such as steel, iron, copper, PVC, fiberglass and many, many more. Designed and recommended for stopping leaks in pipe which may occur due to corrosion or other reasons. Composed of a quality knitted fiberglass cloth coated with a special polyurethane resin which is activated by a 5 second immersion in water. Once activated by water the tape will tranform from a wet adhesive into a rigid plastic state in minutes. Recommended for leaks not exceeding 1/8“ in diameter and pipe size 2“ in diameter. May be used with good results on pipe with a temperature range: -29°C up to +121°C. Each roll of products is individually packaged with gloves for instalation & handling.



SOLAS reflective tape

330186, 330189


Hazard warning reflective tape

or red/white

330188, 331191, 331192, 331193, 331194, 331195

Anti-corrosive tape 

(Butyl rubber tape/Petro tape/Denso tape/Grease tape)

812471, 812472

ZINC anti-corrosive tape

673521, 673522, 673523

REBCON® Hatch Cover Tape

100mm x 20m / 150mm x 20m / 200mm x 20m

232442, 232443, 232448, 232449, 232452, 232453, 232456, 232457, 232459, 232460, 232465, 232466

4300302, 4300304, 4300305, 4300311, 4300315

Anti-slip tape 

50mm x 18m, black
100mm x 18m, black

50mm x 10m, black/yellow
100mm x 10m, black/yellow

331181, 331182, 331184

Drip Stop/Leak non Tape

812491, 812492, 812493

7548001, 7548002, 7548003


Masking tape/Paper Tape

50mm x 50m
100mm x 50m

471281, 471282, 471283, 471284

3317001, 3375001

Blue painter’s tape (cover & masking tape)

temperature resistant: 80°deg.
UV resistant: 14 days
self-adhesive (residue-free removable)

471271, 471272, 471273, 471275, 471376, 471377, 471378


Wayfinding tape photoluminescent

(afterglowing luminescent)

Wayfinding dots, anti-slip & photoluminescent (afterglowing luminescent)

332014, 332034, 332044, 332018, 332038, 332048, 332058, 332088

4752014, 4752034, 4752044, 4752018, 4752038, 4752048, 4752058, 4752088

Photoluminescent tape

(afterglowing luminescent)

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Custom made products

We can produce any type of pipe marking or any kind of special marking tape of valves, pipes, cabinets etc

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