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ABUS - Padlocks for locking systems

Padlocks for locking systems

Our product range of padlocks is distinguished for the integration into ABUS locking systems. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, e.g. for summer houses, steel doors, container and pleasure crafts. ABUS padlocks are available in many variations and even can be used under difficult conditions (e.g. with high corrosion resistance).

Abus - Master key system

•Master key systems
•Combination locks

ABUS door closers – close doors safely and quietly

Doors that don't shut, doors that bang, doors that create a draught? Door closer by ABUS fitted to the top of the door will solve the problem. Whether it's in public buildings or in your company – the ABUS door closers are a convenient way of shutting doors safely and quietly.

Especially with fire doors door closers are important – fire doors must be self-closing to comply with legislation.

The top-fitting door closers are easy to install and are suitable for almost any door size and design. Our range provides a number of models for entrance doors, internal doors and fire doors in a variety of colours.

ABUS System Technology

•Mortise door locks China-Norm
•Hinges and fittings
•Dog Assemblies

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